Anti-ageing facials


Defy the hands of time with anti-wrinkle, radiance and resurfacing facials for instant results. Therapies include facial mapping analysis, eye treatment, luxurious hand, arm and optional scalp massage.



Pro-collagen quartz lift facial - £70


Benefits: Smoothes, Nourishes, Refines


Targets: Fine lines, Wrinkle depth, Dull skin tone


Experience the age-defying benefits of marine-charged Padina Pavonica whilst targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function.





Pro-Definition Lift and Contour - £70


Benefits: Lifts, Contours, Sculpts


Targets: Lack of definition, Sagging skin, Ageing


Restore the architecture of your face with potent plant actives. For a profoundly, sculpted youthful effect.





Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel - £70


Benefits: Renews, Smoothes, Revitalises


Targets: Ageing, Dull skin tone, Uneven skin tone, Lacklustre skin


This highly potent couture resurfacing treatment targets the signs of ageing and dull, tired, uneven skin tone.





White Brightening Pigment Perfector  - £70


Benefits: Illuminates, brightens, restores


Illuminates and brightens for a naturally more even complexion


Restores even skin tone, targeting unwanted areas of pigmentation. Encapsulated Vitamin C acts as a potent brightener, inhibiting future pigmentation. The result is a more even, colour-corrected and illuminated complexion



Skin Solutions Facials


Specially created for skincare concerns such as breakouts, stressed and sensitive skin.



Sensitive Skin Soother - £65


Benefits: Soothes, Calms, Rehydrates


Targets: Redness, Sensitivity,



Reduce the appearance of redness and protect against daily stresses with a treatment that incorporates soothing massage. Skin is left comfortable and calm.





Superfood Pro-Radiance - £65


Benefits: Revitalises, Brightens, Nourishes


Targets: Stressed skin, Dull skin tone, Toxin build up


Energise and detoxify stressed, dull skin with a nutritional superfood boost. Leaves skin, plumper, radiant and lit up with good health.





High Performance Skin Energiser for Men - £65


Benefits: Hydrates, Relaxes, Cleanses


Targets: Congested skin, Ageing, Dehydration


The hard-working facial for ageing, dehydrated skin combined with scalp and foot massages.





Anti-Blemish Mattify and Calm - £65


Benefits: Calms, Purifies, Balances


Targets: Oily skin, Hormonal skin, Blemishes, Stressed skin


Mattify and combat oil and shine whilst restoring micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment which leaves skin bright and clear.






BIOTEC Line Eraser - £80


Benefits: Smoothes, Firms, Hydrates


Targets: Fine lines, Wrinkle depth, Dull skin tone


A powerfully rejuvenating clinically proven* facial treatment that effectively irons out wrinkles and fills out lines.






BIOTEC Firm-a-Lift - £80


Benefits: Lifts, Sculpts, Contours


Targets: Firms facial contours, Smoothes wrinkles, Hydrates the skin


A ground-breaking blend of massage and sculpting galvanic technology for a contoured complexion that is remarkably lifted.





BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer- £80


Benefits: Smoothes, Balances, Detoxifies


Targets: Uneven skin tone, Blemish marks, Fine lines


For a refined, even skin tone, a revolutionary facial that uses an ultrasonic peel, massage, and light therapy resulting in the smoothest skin imaginable.





BIOTEC Radiance Renew- £80


Benefits: Brightens, Revitalises, Hydrates


Targets: Dull skin, Stress, Pigmentation


A powerful antidote for dull and tired skin, this cellular-boosting treatment targets sluggish complexions for radiant, visibly brighter skin.





BIOTEC Blemish Control - £80


Benefits: Calms, Repairs, Purifies


Targets: Damaged skin, Dull skin, TBlemishes


Detoxify and repair damaged tissue with this thorough and deep cleansing facial leaving skin decongested and soothed.





BIOTEC Sensitive Skin Soother- £80


Benefits: Calms, Soothes, Moisturises


Targets: Sensitive skin, Irritation, Inflammation


Oxygen infusion and red light therapy improve the skin's ability to repair itself. Calmness is restored and skin is soothed.






BIOTEC Super-Charger for Men- £80


Benefits: Hydrates, Energises, Cleanses


Targets: Fine lines, Wrinkle depth, Dull skin tone


A multi-tasking, time efficient solution for the male complexion.






BIOTEC Eye Treatment - £50


Benefits: Firms, Tightens, Hydrates


Targets: Fine lines, Wrinkle depth, Ageing


Tighten the delicate eye area with targeted technology.






BIOTEC Neck Treatment - £50


Benefits: Lifts, Firms, Smoothes


Targets: Sagging skin, Crepiness


Remind the muscle to firm up wih microcurrent.




Course of 6 BIOTEC facials £375


Course of 10 BIOTEC facials £550

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